Corporate Responsibility

With the recent programme of cutbacks all funding to some areas of the charitable sector are at risk of losing funding and some services will be forced to close.

Home-Start Erewash is taking action to secure the future of the service to ensure that families within the Borough can access this invaluable support when they require it. Over 70 families within Erewash are supported each year.

We are looking to enlist 160 business partners from within the boundaries of Erewash to donate £500 each year to secure the future of this essential service.

This money will guarantee the scheme's operation each year.

We will keep you updated on the scheme's progress and you will be invited to see the scheme in action and to monitor the progress and even to get involved if you are interested in doing so (all optional). We will detail your support on a dedicated page on our website and inform people of your support in our various communications and press releases.

Full details can be found in our brochure.