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The Breathe programme is an 8-week tailored programme, designed for parents experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing. The aims of the programme are to allow parents to come together in a safe and supportive environment, to learn tools and coping mechanisms to help manage their mental health. 

It is facilitated by our mental health co-ordinator and structured, so each week explores a different topic. Topics include, anxiety, assertiveness, food and mood, negative thinking habits, promoting positive sleeping habits and the coordinator will tailor the programme to meet the needs of each group. Participants are encouraged to interact and share their own experiences if they feel comfortable to do so. 

Creche provision is provided, by qualified childcare workers, meaning parents can focus on the programme and themselves for those couple of hours. Transport is also available to access the programme. Each programme incorporates two family centred activities which, look to introduce families to low cost activities in the area and strengthen relationships. We also explore personal development opportunities and encourage involvement from outside agencies, who can discuss other services and volunteering opportunities.

Thank you for everything you have done over the last 8 weeks. It has helped me become a better mum and I have made some wonderful new friends. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family

Taking part has literally changed my life. I learned sleeping and relaxing techniques which, meant I was waking up well rested most mornings. I’ve learned some amazing mindfulness and breathing techniques which I’ve continued to look into and try to meditate for a few minutes most days. Using mindfulness keeps me in the moment so prevents and calms panic attacks and my anxiety is a lot more under control. Sometimes anxiety still gets the better of me but often I can control it

A fantastic course, it gave me a much-needed short break from the girls, including tea and biscuit. Lots of lovely confidence boosting, safe environment and Katie was very welcoming and lovely, thank you

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