Who can we support?

Who can we support?

As a non-statutory service, Home-Start Erewash's strength lies in providing non- judgmental support, particularly in cases where other services may not have succeeded. This inclusive and understanding approach is essential in creating a safe space for families in need. Home-Start Erewash welcomes referrals from agencies within the Erewash area, as they recognise the potential benefits their support can bring to families.

In addition to their volunteer home-visiting support, Home-Start Erewash now offers a range of programs aimed at supporting emotional well-being. These include Connection cafes, Empowered parenting programs and Embrace perinatal group. These initiatives address different aspects of emotional well-being and provide families with additional avenues for support and growth.

It's important to note that, due to the nature of their work, Home-Start Erewash may not be able to provide guidance on waiting lists and assessments. However, their focus remains on providing the compassionate and non-judgmental support that families require, thereby contributing to their overall well-being and resilience.


  • Live in Erewash.
  • Have a child under 7 years of age.
  • The family needs to have consented to the referral form.
Who can we support?

For an informal chat to discuss a potential referral please complete the form below or contact us:

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